Genetic maps of white spruce

Our most recent and most comprehensive composite map for white spruce (Picea glauca) was published in 2017 (Pavy et al 2017). It was assembled from individual maps of genotypes WS7711 and 2388 (Canadian Forest Service) using a total of 1,976 two-parent offspring. Nearly 9,000 expressed genes have been positioned on the composite map and work is underway to increase this number. A file containing the names and positions (in cM) of each gene on the 12 white spruce binding groups for individual and composite maps is available as a Table S1 support file in the article by Pavy et al (2017) published in The Plant Journal (Wiley), and freely available on the journal’s website.

This and previous maps have been shown to be highly syntenic with other genetic maps of spruce and pine (Pavy et al 2012, Pavy et al 2017). Growth and phenology-related quantitative (QTL) loci previously mapped on the white spruce genome (Pelgas et al 2011) have also been mapped on this new enlarged map (Pavy et al 2017).